Friday, March 25, 2011


March 2009

March 2011

Yesterday marked two years since Ali came home from rehab.  In the past two years she is walking a little, talking more and starting to eat! Our load is quite a bit lighter also...we used to bring the vent, suction machine, oxygen, food pump backpack, and a backpack full of emergency trach supplies. We have slowly been eliminating we only need her small food pump backpack and a small diaper bag and we're out the door! Ali is in her second year of pre-school and loves her teachers and classmates. Thank you for all your continued thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trach Free!

Earlier this week was a huge milestone in the continued recovery for Ali, after 936 days she had her trach removed!  It was a truly amazing moment to witness.  She has and continues to defy so many odds, she is a true miracle!  We have been so blessed by a great medical team to help take care of her, and great family and friends to help take care of us.  Thank you all so much!

Selena had her second chemo treatment this week and so far she is doing great.  She has not had any major sickness, although two days after each treatment she has felt sore and very tired.  She is a trooper!  This past Thursday her hair started to fall out so she made the decision to go ahead and shave it all off.  She looks great bald!    

Selena has handled everything cancer has put in front of her with such grace.  The courage she displays is inspiring!  I am so grateful to have two ladies in my life that are so strong and resilient!    

Take care,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Selena's Surgery Update

Hello everyone,

I would like to first say thank you for all your support, thoughts and prayers.  It has meant so much!  Selena's road to recovery will be so much smoother knowing there are so many people that care!

Thursday was in fact a very long day!  She was taken to the O.R. at 10 a.m. and I was finally able to see her in post op at midnight.  Overall everything went well and the surgeons feel confidant about the surgery.  It was a very busy procedure, she had five areas operated on.  Needless to say she is very sore and now a few days later is just starting to regain some of her strength.  This afternoon we are going to go for a walk down the hall.  She has made great progress though, she is off IV meds and is eating on her own!  Everyday she shows signs of improvement and in a few days we will bring her home.  Obviously she has been through a lot, mentally and now physically.  She truly has set the standard of what courage, strength, love and faith mean!

Thank you all again for all of your support.  It has been overwhelming and has helped us to keep moving forward!

Take care,